Eli García

TEACHEr of medical sciences

Teacher of medical sciences

My name is Eli. I am Spanish from Canary Islands, and I'm a teacher at a vocational training school. I teach medical diagnostic and laboratory techniques. 

Before the Unravel journey, I was trying to find myself. I was trying to accept the impermanence of life, trying to break the anchors that were preventing me from being more open-minded to take the opportunities or the possibilities that life can offer. I was in a powerful personal moment trying to become a mother and also trying to explore a little bit my creative nature.

Unravel really came at the perfect time for me. It was a really nice tool to dive into the emotions I was feeling, and it surprised me very much because it was different to other programs or courses of personal development that I had done. I found it a very safe space to express yourself, to go deeper into your feelings and emotions. I felt very, very comfortable.

I really see it like a gift for my personal development. 

The Unravel journey has left a lot of things in me. I think that some of them are still going to surface and I would like to continue working on them. But maybe the most important thing that I have taken is the acceptance of myself, you know, to embrace my whole being in all its faces without judgment, with a much more kind approach. 

This more compassionate view of myself has carried over into my relation with others. In my opinion, this is a very powerful tool.

I discovered a lot of things about myself. At the beginning, I was a bit scared to find something about myself that maybe I didn't like it and if I would be able to cope with this part of my myself.

Some of the parts I discovered were really difficult to accept, even uncomfortable.  But yeah, it was really powerful to work on those parts and accept them as a part of myself. At the end, the most important part for me is that I feel that now I am more honest with myself and also I have like a more holistic approach to relate with myself and with others.

For example, when we were working with the shadows, I discovered some parts of me that I really didn't like. Like the part of me who likes to be critical with other people or even enjoys gossip sometimes. To understand that this is a part of who you are, how you are in the world. This was very hard, but at the same time, very powerful

I also liked reconnecting with my body, with the instincts- all the work we did with dancing. It felt very, very, very nice for me to be able to express with the body and find a way of expression that I didn't use so often. 

The Unravel journey really has changed the way I relate with others. In my opinion, the most wonderful and most powerful part of the program is the community

And to create this safe space that allows people who don't know each other at all from very different backgrounds to trust each other and create these intimate connections. For me it's the heart of the program. 

I'm really, really grateful for being a part of that. I felt very supported, very valued, very understood by the community. It has changed my way to relate with others. I really felt very comfortable sharing my things, my feelings, my thoughts. But at the same time, I felt very similar to the other,s you know, even if we were very different from different places, from different backgrounds, we were all struggling with our feelings, our emotions, and trying to discover ourselves all in the same away. So you could feel really the empathy and the support.So this was surprising for me. It felt really, really nice.

If I could describe Unravel in three words? Oh, it's a hard one. Exciting, surprising,  and magic

Unravel has redefined my relationship with myself. Being more honest with myself. I'm more humble and authentic in my relationship with myself.

I also rediscovered my faith in other human beings. This kind of empathy between people makes you have hope in humanity. 

I think that Unravel has helped me to embrace the impermanence of life. For me, it's one the most difficult things- to accept how insignificant we are in the universe. Because we always have these strong attachments to things, to people, they are like burdens that prevent you from really enjoying life. They prevent you from taking new opportunities because you have a fear of change. So I think that the program has helped me to go in this direction more deeply. 

At the beginning, it was a little bit weird to do the self portrait exercise. I felt a bit embarrassed, but when I started to do it, it felt like a natural thing. It was another way of expression. I had a lot of fun doing it. And yeah, it was another part of creativity. I was so surprised by that.

Sometimes I was surprised of myself that I was able to share and express myself like this to the group, because I consider myself shy and not an extroverted person. Yeah, it was wonderful. When you feel the support of the others, or at least not the judgment, you think, well, it's okay.  You feel free to express yourself.

Wherever you are in life, Unravel is going to be positive for your personal development. It's not so easy to find a place in which you can work on yourself in such a respectful environment. Unravel is a gift you have to take. 


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