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I didn't realize it yet, but I was sliding into a postpartum depression. I was taking care of my baby and trying to work one hour here, one hour there. I was so harsh on myself all the time. Feeling like I should do something with my life, but nothing was really resonating.

I was a bit like a ship on the ocean, and just floating away with no idea where I was heading. And I was so disconnected from my body.

I was hoping to find my way back to myself. I've abandoned myself so long ago that it was like, "I don't remember this person." 

I'm 94% introverted on the Myers-Briggs spectrum, so I was really afraid of the Cocoon, because until then, my experience of being part of a group course was not great. It was always something very difficult for me. And then the Cocoon and the first live. It was just so healing and heart-opening. It was really a life-changing experience for me. 

Encouraging us to post on the Cocoon-it was so so so powerful for me. It was just amazing. Giving myself without filters and receiving an ok and even open arms- it was so deeply opening and healing. It was the first time I experienced that in the group. 

Unravel means meeting myself with kind eyes. It is the leap of faith you wished you had already taken. It's really a program to get to your heart and your body, while becoming kind to your mind. You get to meet all of you and bring all of you. When you bring all of you to the table, it's the program where you will receive open arms. It really gives so much permission and a spring in your steps, creatively speaking. 

Especially if your inner voice is a mean one, if you struggle to believe in yourself, if you struggle with compassion- it's really a wonderful program. It's amazing what Dandan created.

Unravel in three words. Eye and heart-opening. Embodied creativity. Efficient- and I was amazed by that. Because it goes straight to the powerful stuff, yet there is no violence. It's not a push push push kind of efficiency. It's what efficiency should be- compassionate efficiency. 

Unravel has shaped my daily life so deeply, in almost every way because it changed how I talk to myself, how I perceive myself, and what I give myself permission to be and to do. It has changed everything. It has changed me.

I have been trained in personal growth for fifteen years. I'm trained in therapy. Unravel managed to open parts of myself that had been locked until then. 

Before Unravel, experimenting was not a world for me. And now, I'm like ok I can experiment and see where it goes. And it's ok. Life can be an exploration, and it's ok. And I'm here to live. I'm not here to produce. And before that I knew it. But now I live it. I feel it. I'm still learning so from time to time the inner critic comes back, but I can feel it and that's why the smile. I feel this smile in my guts it's so good.

It connected me back to the feeling in my body that creating is important for me, but I was so blocked. You know, a lot of people in the program are singers and filmmakers. They do real creative stuff. And I've always considered myself bad at drawing, at singing, any arts.

There, for the first time, I really let myself feel that I love creating. That it lights me up inside like nothing else
, and having the opportunity to do the Open Mic Night- it was amazing. It was all possible thanks to the Cocoon. I felt so much good energy and the open-mindedness of everyone. Unravel connected me to something that I had always always always crushed within myself.

I believe in modeling the values for my child. Now I'm able to embody more liveliness, joy, making mistakes as experiments instead of faults, and that's so important to me because those are deep values that I didn't know how to live them before. I am trying so much more stuff for my baby. He loves animal songs and CD voices. Before Unravel I was trying to have fun with those, but now I'm having so much fun with those. Everyday I see his eyes light up, and I'm just going with the flow. He's having fun with it too. 

Also, everyday he sees me dancing like nobody's watching. 

If you are on the fence about doing Unravel, I'd say just let yourself fall on the Unravel side of the fence. If it's financial, do your best to raise the money and go for it. If it's because of your introversion, really go for it. If it's because right now, it may not be the best time to do it all the way- go for it. It was one of my blocking points. I didn't have the time to go all the way on everything, and I will do it later- but even with what I've managed to do- I went in with all of my heart. So do what you can. Just the bits you do, do it fully and it's amazing. If there's something else stopping you or making you stop before you plunge, plunge. 


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"The Unravel Way" poem
by Isabelle