As I'm pretty young for being on this path, it can feel very lonely. Especially at the beginning when you drift apart from your friends and family members that don't really resonate with you. So my life before Unravel was this lonely journey. 

I felt the inner call for Unravel. I wasn't sure why. My mind, my ego was telling me: you're not ready for this. You're not spiritually advanced enough to go through this journey. But something more deep, my intuition, was telling me to go for it.

I was stuck. I was hoping to leave this journey with clarity: what I wanted for life, who I am, and where to go next.

I've done inner work but more in a superficial way. Unravel gave me the depth I was looking for. It was inner work that I never experienced before. 

I would describe Unravel as the biggest catharsis of one's life. It's also the process of coming home to ourselves after many years of being disconnected from who we truly are. 

Unravel has changed the way I see life so much. Now I'm eager to find more about myself, to heal, to let go of those parts that aren't true to myself. It has given me a lot of hope for my future, for this planet's future. Unravel has given me this clear vision, this map. It has cleared the fog that was in front of me. I'm so grateful for that.

Unravel really helped me be here in my body and let myself feel all that I'm feeling, not trying to repress my emotions or thoughts and see them as guests, as that Rumi poem, "The Guesthouse."

I was expecting a course where you get an hour long video with a lot of theory. Unravel was not like that at all. It's really a grounding process of using the body, working with the body, not just the mind.

Embodiment was key to this journey, because it's a way of self discovery. When you journal with the prompts, it's one thing. But I found so much more while I was dancing or doing meditation, breathing. Dance was absolutely magnificent, to get back that piece of myself, because dancing was always a way of self expression for me since I was a kid. Reclaiming that part of myself was just beautiful. 

Now I see life as a game. Because Unravel is just that: healing while playing. So now I can see that it can be fun, it can be rewarding, it can be just like when we were kids. Healing doesn't have to be hard or heavy or just these moments of darkness. It can also be fun. Unravel is play.

The Unravel journey means home, family, community, reclamation, and truth. 

Coming to this place where I feel comfortable and safe within myself- which I've never encountered my whole life until now.

And family- I felt that sense that support, what family gives you with these amazing people I've met.

And really just truth because it's seeing ourselves beyond the illusion, the foggy mirror that prevents us seeing the truth of how life really is, of how we truly are, and everyone in our lives. We stop projecting our insecurities, our fears and wounds and start seeing things as they truly are. And that opens a vast field of possibilities.

Unravel is life-changing from the moment you enroll. Like you enroll, your life changes completely. In the most beautiful way. I can name all the ways my life has changed throughout this journey, but that'd take at least a three hour session to sum up.

If you change the way you see yourself, then your whole life changes. The way you relate to people and situations. And that's what Unravel gave me- a different vision of myself and therefore my whole life changed, the whole vision changed. 

Go for it. One of the biggest fears we have when we encounter these kind of experiences is unworthiness. It's feeling, "Oh I don't deserve this. Oh no this is too expensive for me. I could do something else with this money. Oh no, it takes too much time." But just knowing that you deserve this. You deserve coming home to your truth, to yourself. You deserve to live a life that's fulfilling, a life that you truly love.

And definitely it's not a paradigm you change from day-to-night. But if you could just follow that inner call and connect to that heart wisdom and say like, "Ok, I deserve this." Then everything is ok. You got this. Life is a game, it's not that serious. I promise you that this experience will be life-changing in the most wonderful way.

Do it because you deserve it. Maybe you don't feel like you deserve it yet, but I promise, you'll feel it in the end. So go for it. 


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