Liliana Lupoiaca

photographer, videographer, mother

Before Unravel, I wasn't sure if I wanted to stay in my marriage, because we have 2 children together. I didn't know if the path of being a photographer or videographer was what I truly needed to do in life. I was lost. 

I was hoping to leave with more clarity.

Unravel is like an onion with many layers. In the first module, you have no idea why we're doing this. The second module you're like, "uh what?" The third one, you're like, "wow that's interesting." And at some point, all of a sudden, everything makes sense. Everything relates to each other. That onion becomes like a puzzle put together and you're starting to solve the enigma of what's going to be at the end. I can't say just one thing to describe Unravel. It can be the treasure hunt in the sand, it can be the onion, it can be the puzzle. It can be many things. 

Now, I find it's easier to take risks. I think for years and years I had completely forgotten that feeling of just letting go, getting lost. And I now feel it deeply in me. Now I listen to my gut feeling.

With Unravel, I've also learned how to be honest, radically honest. I feel a lot of relief like no more stuck emotions. Before I couldn't say with kindness what I wanted to say. Most of the times I would make other people feel guilty, without truly expressing what I had minded.

I also feel like in everyday life, my heart just opened. I don't hold grudges anymore. I have worked on that before Unravel, but since the three months, I've noticed I don't feel angry with people who have hurt me. That's huge for me. I'm able to forgive by expressing what is deeply in my heart. I feel like I can truly have the authentic love and compassion I was hoping as a fairy to have one day.

I thought compassion was saying a few words for the other person and showing them you cared. I'm here now in Romania taking care of a friend who doesn't have much longer to live. For the first time, I do not worry about myself-I'm not thinking "wow, what if I got what she has." I feel I can be present without being sorry for her. But rather, understanding her. And listening more.

Before, I would have said: "there are miracles. Everything is possible." I think it really infuriated people, because you can't say that to someone who are going through those tough times. I'm learning now with my friend that by saying little and being more present and letting her express herself, that's what true compassion is. I definitely feel compassion more, rather than express it through words.

Everything from Unravel I'm having difficulty to express, because I feel it through my body. I really feel like in the last couple of weeks, I went through so much. It's been like an emotional rollercoaster. I never felt as strong in my body, in my mind, in my heart. I express my emotions immediately. I don't hold them. I feel a lot of strength. I feel without Unravel, I could have not been so emotionally strong for my friend now. 

Unravel has taught me to trust more in the unknown. The unknown is good. It's not boring, it's interesting. It's exciting. It brings along so many interesting things, and maybe challenges, but once you're open to that unknown, challenges don't seem to be a problem but rather lessons we learn along the way that can be useful for the journey. At the moment, I do know a few things I want in my life, but at the same time, I'm not stuck on those destinations. I'm open to make things work, to just wait and see, whereas before I would have been like, "yeah, tomorrow- the end. This is not good anymore."

Unravel will always bring something beautiful. We are all little diamonds and Unravel polishes us so we shine again. It sounds like a commercial but I mean it! 

Whoever is joining, if they could share their story in the Cocoon, it's really healing. I've never went to a course where someone took so much time to answer to each participant. And not just by acknowledging them, but you truly truly put your heart in it. And like, I could feel it was very personal. It wasn't an automatic autofill answer. It was definitely human heart writing those supportive messages, so I think it's like the biggest support you can get in the Unravel.

It's truly truly healing.


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