Luchia Dragosh

Multi emmy-nominated documentary producer, mother

I was always very driven, very ambitious. Whenever I accomplished something, I felt like it's not enough. Then, I'd ask myself, "what would make it enough?" and I'd move onto the next thing. I felt like a dog. You dangle a piece of salami in front and it goes in one direction and then in another. I always had so many ideas and was trying to execute them all. I felt exhausted. 

At one point I looked back, and I couldn't remember what year I did what. They all blurred. I was successful but felt completely unfulfilled. And that spilled into how I treated my son, how I treated myself. Inside, I was like, what's the point of this all? It was a sad place.

My life is now kind of like before Unravel, and after Unravel. Before I was tired and unhappy of this whole treadmill, and putting masks going through the world. It was just exhausting. Just going through the motions. And now I feel more content and at peace, and I notice this spills throughout my life, which is extremely important as a single mother. I just have no words to describe that.

My relationship with my son is my number one priority and after Unravel, I see a lot of different changes and acceptance that I have. The dynamic is so different. And it gives me hope, now him going to teenage years, it gives me hope and confidence that I will be a different parent than the one I had. And we'll have a different relationship. Just accepting that and knowing that is life-changing. 

For me, I left with this healing that I never ever expected. I went to the course to find out what I long for, what's my next step, work-wise, but I left with this baggage left behind and this trauma that I feel has been healed. This happened only because I felt so safe in the space to share. 

I always thought people who loved themselves were perfect. I had always thought I'll love myself when I'm this perfect creature who makes no mistakes, has a successful career, a successful family etc. And after the Unravel journey, especially after the shadow module, I love myself through embracing the shadows. Now for me, self love is embracing the shadow. 

I've taken many courses throughout 10 years, and it's not an exaggeration, I spent thousands of dollars. I did the work in most of them, but they just didn't go to the core. They did not unpeel. They just built on top of what is here, but that does not work. Unravel was my last hope. I thought "if this doesn't work, something must be wrong with me and I'll just continue living this perpetual cycle of going after one thing then another."

The courses I have taken all ask the same questions, but the questions in Unravel were just different. They touched a different spot and made me reflect in a different way. It's so hard to describe. Every week, I was like "how is she coming up with this?!" It was so creative, like the exercises really let the person open up. I've never had a class like this before. I loved how Unravel didn't overburden us with a lot of information but gave us enough space to reflect. 

For me it felt very safe. I never felt judged. Like everything was ok and was accepted with love. You didn't tell us what to do. You taught us the tools to find out our own answers. 

In the end, a lot of Unravelers shared in the Cocoon that this program changed their life. I was blown away reading some of their testimonies and statements after the course. And I would be like, "yes that is exactly what I meant but didn't have the words to express it." For so many people who did the work, it was life-changing. 

Even if this course was double the price, I'd still pay for it. Even if it was a lot more. Because you cannot put a price on your self love and self acceptance. I got to know myself. I got to heal parts of me that for me, was life-changing. I can never put a price on that. I now act from a place of contentment. I know I have the tools to work through things in my life.

I know without that healing, my life would go in tangents again and again. It would be this perpetual cycle again. And so many exercises were life-changing, like meeting our inner child and the drawings we did. For me embracing all these parts that I felt ashamed of or guilty of. I can never express in words how grateful I am for this program. 

If you really want to change your life for the better and love yourself more, you absolutely need this course. 


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