Megan Orozco

dental hygienist (on leave)

Before Unravel, I had left my position that I had been with for several years as a dental hygienist. That was right at the beginning of the pandemic. My husband and I had been trying to conceive our first child for several years. We had just experienced our first pregnancy and miscarriage, so I was in a pretty dark place, looking for a way to connect again with myself and other people after a period of isolation and trauma.

Before this, I had done a lot of inner work by myself. I had done a lot of online workshops and maybe some yoga classes. But nothing like I was sharing experiences with other people.

I was anticipating the journey would be more of what I had, but learning new things or new tools. And Unravel was completely different, which ended up being amazing. Just being on a shared journey with other people who are on the same path- I can't put words around that.

Being able to give and receive openly with people and having them respond in kindness, it was just an amazing experience. The giving part ended up being really enlightening. 
I got more than I was looking for originally.

Unravel is a unique special place for you to play, discover, and embrace yourself untethered.

In the groups we already belong to, there's just a lot of preconceived biases within that framework within existing groups.
I was nervous about the Cocoon at first, because I don't participate a lot in social media. But I found it was a very safe and nourishing space. There were a lot of limiting beliefs initially over feeling like an introvert, how much I want to contribute. I felt like Unravel provided the space where you can interact on a completely different level. I loved the Cocoon.

Unravel feels like a way forward for me, an everyday way forward versus just taking a course, learning something new, having tools to apply. It feels more like a new way of being in myself and just a new way of experiencing life. 

After Unravel, I feel I'm able to be more present with my time. I don't have this running internal dialogue of everything else I need to be doing related to other people, which was problematic for me. Not having a defined career right now and still struggling to become pregnant- just those two huge cages of identity that we have around career and motherhood as women, and feeling like I can own my time again. And I actually end up being more productive and creative.

The whole work we did on life being a mystery and an adventure, I feel like that's not a fearful thing anymore. The treasure finding of everyday. I feel like it's easier to take chances. It's also greatly impacted my relationships with other people right now.

I feel like I don't have as much anxiety around being prepared for how I show up around people. If I'm not feeling well one day or I just don't know what an event is going to be like or how someone might respond to something, I just feel more comfortable showing up how I am and going from there.

I feel like we all get stuck in our heads so much and there's so much overthinking we can do, but there's something about after you've digested an idea or you're still processing some concept--to be able to release some of that energetically through movement was very powerful.

I was surprised at my before and after I am statement. I looked at it and thought it feels like a different person who wrote this. Kind of looking at a visual description of how I had kept myself small. It's like going from not feeling worthy to exist and then existing. I was surprised. And happy. It was beautiful to experience. 

I feel like I'm not so negative with my internal dialogue or if I am, I catch it quicker and be more compassionate with myself.  

Take this chance on yourself. Don't let feelings of the unknown or feeling something unfamiliar stop you from investing in yourself. 


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